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Tell me about CMC.

CMC was formed in 2014 as a Limited Liability Company #2289587, State of Ohio, Office of the Secretary of State, located in Dublin, Ohio. Contact phone is 614.401.9920 and email is

Who are the main groups that would use CMC?

We focus on two primary areas- smaller companies who do not have in-house medical professionals and larger companies who have in-house medical teams that wish to outsource portions of their administrative work.

What makes CMC unique?

It is easy to find groups which provide traditional company "Safety and Health" personnel (safety, industrial hygiene, etc.). However, there are few companies that can provide a medical professional with global corporate medical experience to support higher level policy review, compliance assurance and related communications. This is all accomplished with utmost professionalism and discretion, in partnership with your in-house management teams. For example, Dr. Elliott has taught medical process classes to employees and local providers such as international travel medical protections, medical audit protocols, HF acid response, etc. in the US, China, Taiwan, Italy, Scotland and England to name a few. At a large oil distribution company based in Texas, he was named "Top Platform Speaker" by the company's HR VP for his programs on substance abuse in industry. 

We need to outsource some medical programs to external vendors. Can CMC work with our Purchasing team to clarify the medical complexities of the Request for Proposal?

Yes, CMC has extensive experience working with national medical vendors and Purchasing professionals. CMC can provide guidance in contract specifics and/or vendor audits to assure on going compliance.

Is CMC experienced in providing guidance in challenges, OSHA or DOT reviews, unemployment hearings, union grievances or arbitrations?

Yes. In Dr. Elliott's career, working closely with company attorneys, the company never lost any unemployment hearing, OSHA or DOT review, union arbitration or legal challenges based upon any aspect of the medical programs. In addition to his medical career, he was chosen for a "Management Pass-Through" two-year training position as a manager in the Corporate Human Resources department of the then Ashland Oil, Inc. Here, he learned to appreciate the corporate needs of both the organization and individual employees.

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