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Elliott Named to Doctoral Faculty

The University of Phoenix, College of Doctoral Studies, has named Dr. Elliott to the Doctor of Health Administration program as Doctoral Instructor.  The DHA program provides a research-based curriculum for students to prepare for future executive roles in the health industry using the university's learning model as "Scholar-Practitioner-Leaders." 

Elliott Named Course Director of Global Health

The University of Cincinnati's Academic Health Center includes the highly regarded Masters Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree online program. The Global Health course is a review of the cultural, political and economic aspects of healthcare systems around the world along with a parallel look at the US healthcare system. Dr. Charles H. Elliott has been named Course Director, overseeing all aspects of the course for MHA students. August, 2016

Elliott Presents at Harvard "Corporate Pandemic Preparation" Meeting

Charles H. Elliott (Left) , Director Medical Affairs, Ashland Inc. presented at an October 2008 conference at Harvard University on how global companies should be preparing for avian influenza and other infectious disease challenges. The review was an invitation-only meeting for senior medical and business officials responsible for pandemic planning in global corporations. The featured speaker was David Nabarro, M.D., United Nations senior system coordinator for avian and human influenza. Dr. Nabarro was appointed in September 2005 to coordinate the UN response to avian influenza and the threat of a human pandemic. The event was sponsored by Bio-Era®, a biological economic research group and Novartis®, a leading vaccine researcher and manufacturer. From Ashland Inc. FirstHand site.

European Semiconductor Safety Association 17th Annual Conference, Milan, Italy

Grand Hotel Brun

Charles H. Elliott was a featured speaker in Milan, Italy at the 17th Annual European Semiconductor Safety Association. He presented, "The Medical Aspects of Hydrofluoric Acid Exposure." This year's meeting was attended by over 250 safety and health professionals from the semiconductor industry throughout Europe.

Elliott has taught a popular, related class, "Medical Responses to HF Acid" in a variety of countries including Scotland, England, Taiwan, Italy and several cities in the U.S. Classes have been presented to employees, local EMS responders and local Emergency Departments.

From Semiconductor Newsletter 2000. 

"Global Plant Managers Meet in Shanghai"

Ashland Inc. plant managers from the Foundry Division recently met in Shanghai for annual planning. Charles H. Elliott, Director Medical Affairs was a presenter on the topic, "Medical Programs for a Global Workforce." Elliott discussed cultural and legal differences in medical monitoring, injury management and wellness programs. From Ashland Medical Affairs newsletter. Oct. 2005. 

"Ashland Medical Affairs Presents International Travel Medical Program in Rotterdam"

Ashland Medical Affairs has a contract with International SOS, the world's largest medical network, specializing in travel medicine. All Ashland employees who travel anywhere outside their home country for business are covered automatically. Services include 24/7 availability of doctors, approved medical clinics and hospitals, replacement of lost medicine, or emergency evacuation via medivac if needed. Charles H. Elliott, director, presented the program to employees located in Rotterdam, Holland, the central European business office for Ashland. Elliott noted, "This program with ISOS allows Ashland Medical the ability to reach out and touch any medical issue anytime, anyplace on earth. " From Ashland Medical Affairs intranet.

"Ashland Medical Trains with Georgetown University Emergency Response Faculty"

The Ashland Oil Medical Department partnered with the Georgetown University Emergency Response faculty for medical response training to chemical incidents in the Catlettsburg, KY refinery, the company's largest with over 2000 employees. Course director, Charles H. Elliott, PA-C, Manager Occupational Medicine for Ashland, noted, "We were pleased to have physicians, nurses and paramedics from local EMS units and Emergency Departments join us for this outstanding partnership and training from Georgetown University in Washington, DC." From Ashland Oil and Refining Newsletter, June, 1992

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